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The Joys of Unemployment - Testing 1,2,3... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Joys of Unemployment [Mar. 15th, 2013|05:50 am]
As I approach nearly 18 months of unemployment (save for 1 6-week gig in the middle there), I guess I should write a blog entry. What the hell have I been doing in that time?

After I quit my job in Boulder, I went on a 6-week road trip around the country. Starting in Colorado, I headed east through Kansas, Missouri, down to Tennessee and Alabama, over to Georgia, up the eastern states to Virginia, back west through Ohio, up to Michigan, over to Wisconsin (via the UP), then west through Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming and finally back to Colorado.

You can see the whole trip here.

Then I took a long hiatus. I job searched a little, but I never really found anything I liked. My main goal was to find something that did NOT involve Rails, which proved quite difficult. I did have one promising opportunity at Spiceworks, but instead of offering me a job they offered me a 3-month contract. I finished it in 6 weeks (well, I think I did, I got almost no feedback), then they asked me to work on....Rails, exactly what I told them I didn't want to do.

In the meantime I've been developing my next board game called "Hands in the Sea". It's based on a Martin Wallace design, though very different in some ways. Here's the BGG entry. My sister took my photoshopped map and did some professional touch ups. I think it looks good. I've had some interest from publishers, but no one has officially picked it up.

Anyway, it's probably time to finally visit the unemployment office. ;)